Bienvenidos a la frontera! 

-- and this special place which is our home(page).

Before we begin to walk together, let us take a moment to collect our breath and imagine the mountains of the Southwest.

'Hipe simea rai'ch'ama Onoruame'

At Junt@s Vamos, we believe that cancer is not an individual battle but a collective walk. More women die of cancer in the US-Mexico borderland than in the interior of either country, but we believe that localized community actions will heal our borderlands.


We believe that we can create networks of information and opportunity while building power in Juarez -- power that embodies itself as social change and healing.

This website is a space for us to tell our stories, explore alternative vocabularies, and imagine better worlds. Together, we can take small and large steps to create those worlds within ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

Forward we go!