How Junt@s Vamos Organizes


Junt@s Vamos believes that health is a human right and works to challenge systems that situate it as a privilege.


For Junt@s Vamos, cancer is not an individual battle, it is a collective walk. Group members support each other as they and members of their family live with
cancer as part of their lives.

In Solidarity

Junt@s Vamos recognizes that cancer disparities are just one result of injustice, and we work in solidarity with others who demand justice.

[For example, in our collaborative work with asylum seekers who are in Ciudad Juárez because of the Trump administration’s MPP and metering policies.]

In Resistance

Junt@s Vamos resists marginalization, oppression and silencing of our voices through creating alliances across borders, refusing to be labeled by mainstream cancer organizations, and creating alternative vocabularies to describe and communicate our experiences. ["We are living, not surviving"]

As Part of Living

Junt@s Vamos understands our work as part of living our daily lives with dignity and respect for our fellow travelers in this world.

Using Alternative

Imaginations of the World

We imagine better worlds and take small and large steps to create those worlds within ourselves, our families, and our communities.