Junt@s Vamos is a civic association based in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico that utilizes the power of accompaniment to advocate for health and migrant rights at the border. From our beginnings as a cancer support group in 2013, we have been continuously evolving to respond to and address structural and health inequalities at the border.

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Our group has brought together people from both sides of the border for community action in healing and transforming the borderlands. We are composed of members from the US, Mexico, Nicaraguas, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

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We run a variety of programs for the holistic needs of our members  including health and wellness, work and livelihood, legal and shelter assistance.  We currently run one shelter and collaborate with 3 others. Junt@s Vamos is in partnership with Junt@sNichonsagua, a group of asylum-seeking women and men currently detained in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. They design and embroider tote bags that they sell in order to support themselves and their families.

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